What Status do I use for a Homeowner who doesn't show up for weeks?

Q: If we are unable to contact a homeowner through their Crisis Cleanup information, and our organization has already claimed them, what's the best path forward? There are several homeowners that have proven to be unreachable for some time now.

A: Experience in several disasters has shown that there is a "long tail" of residents and homeowners who request help but do not make themselves available to allow volunteers to perform the work. Sometimes this can go on for 4 weeks in a row, or more. While your organization may have established policies regarding how to deal with such clients, we recommend marking the work order "Closed, rejected." In the notes, indicate it was rejected because the homeowner was unresponsive for weeks.

If the homeowner requests help again in the future, Crisis Cleanup will flag the existing record, which can be activated again at a later date if necessary.

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