What Features Would You Like to See?

One of the strengths of Crisis Cleanup is that the project has been completely non-theoretical, driven by real-world field experience and feedback. We've got a good thing going, and want to keep it up.
In the comments below, please tell us the features you'd like to see most. Keep in mind that we most highly value the opinion of people who actually use shovels, hammers, wear gloves and boots, and directly interact with survivors, so please indicate your role and how you have interacted with Crisis Cleanup. As an open source project without a permanent budget, we can't promise anything; but your feedback is vital to the project.
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    Larry Chalmers

    I have been a team leader two years in a row in Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. This site is fantastic, It has improved the work flow and efficiency of helping people. Great job here are a couple ideas that I have. 

    The features I would like to see are: 

    1. an individual within an organization be able to claim a ticket and pull that up on the map with just that teams orders. This might exist but  I was not able to identify how it was done. This would allow for improved planing capabilities. Best case scenario the system tells you the best order to take based on location. 

    2. I would be nice to post pictures so a work team could see what work they are going to and make a decision which jobs to tackle first it would also be nice to have after pictures posted to document work done. 

    3. It would be nice to get reports on geographical areas also if possible. 

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    Linda Luster Strickland

    I want to sign up and be a team lead to man  the crisis phone team

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    adrian king

    As it seems that there is an approval process for participating in Crisis Cleanup, when does an "applicant" receive clearance?  Adrian King KARE in NC.

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    Aaron Titus


    The application is approved usually within hours; a day or two at most. I saw your comment earlier, but you did not leave any kind of contact information; there was no way to contact you.

    Relief organizations register by clicking the "Register" button on the home page, or visiting https://www.crisiscleanup.org/register.

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