I can't find a work order by searching the map, even though it's on the CSV

Q: I can find work orders when I download a CSV file, but when I try to find the client to update the record via the search box on the map page, they don’t come up. Can you help with this?

A: There are one of two answers. Either: 1. Wait for the map to load, or 2. Click all filters off.

Loading Map
: When you first visit the map, you will notice that the numbers inside the magnifying glasses increase by about 100 every 2 seconds.  This is the system dynamically loading.  When incidents have thousands of work orders or more, it can take a while to load all of them.  You can open the browser, do something else for a minute or two, then come back.  If the map doesn’t seem to be loading any new work orders, then do the search again and you should find it.

Remove Filters: By default, all “Closed” work orders are hidden from the map.  To include all work orders, click the “Open” checkbox off, then wait for the map to load the new work sites.  We have plans to improve caching to make the map load faster, but in the meantime,

Browse: In the future, you will be able to browse and search a list of sites.

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