Error: I tried to register, but the system said my organization name or email was already taken.

Error Description:

When you register your organization for the first time, the system automatically checks for organizations with the exactly same name, and existing users with exactly the same email address. If it finds either, you will see a red box with the following error:

The organization name [Org Name] or email [Email] or contact email has already been taken. Click for Details and Fixes.

Before proceeding, please check your email inbox and junk items. If you have received any confirmation email from Crisis Cleanup, you may ignore this error.

Possible Fixes and Workarounds

Forgotten Password. If you are trying to recover a forgotten password, reset it.

Re-Deploy. If your organization wants to re-deploy to a new incident, then you will need to log in and click the 'Re-deploy' link under the dashboard. If you have forgotten your password, you may need to reset it.

Joining an Organization. If you are a volunteer trying to join an organization, your email address may already be associated with a different organization. If so, please use a different email address. While a volunteer may join more than one organization, unfortunately a single email address may not be associated with more than one organization.

Somebody Took my Organization's Name! If you believe that someone else is using your organization's name without authorization, contact help.

I used to have access, and now I don't. Crisis Cleanup underwent a major upgrade in March, 2016. At that time all previous passwords became obsolete. If you used Crisis Cleanup prior to March 2016, don't worry; you can still have access to all of your organization's records. Please contact help and we will re-invite you to Crisis Cleanup.

No, really, this is my very first time! If you are absolutely confident that nobody has ever registered your organization's name or email address, it is possible that you double-clicked the "Sign Up" button. If so, the first request went through and you don't need to worry. To confirm whether the first request went through, check your inbox and junk items. If you received any kind of confirmation email from Crisis Cleanup, you can rest easy. We'll contact you in the next 48 hours to complete the registration process.


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