Problems with the Address or Location

Crisis Cleanup needs an address, and latitude/longitude ("lat/lon") before it can save a worksite. Most of the time we get the lat/lon by using Google's geocoder. It is the same technology that helps you find addresses on Google Maps.

However, Google sometimes can't find a location (i.e. in rural areas). If that happens, here are some common workarounds.

Google Cannot Find the Address

No geocoder is perfect, and Google does not know all addresses. If you cannot find an address:

  1. Try variations of the address or include the zip code. Try replacing the word "Highway" for the state name, e.g. "Highway 2875" becomes "Kentucky 2875."
  2. Ask the person to give you a nearby street address or landmark on a major road. Type in that location and select one of the suggestions from the geocoder suggestion list (this part is important). A blue pin should appear on the map. If you do not see a blue pin, make sure you select one of the suggestions. If all else fails, search for the local post office (i.e. "Virgie, KY Post Office").
  3. Drag the blue pin to the correct location. If you are a phone volunteer, ask the caller for directions from the location (i.e. the Post Office) to their home. Move the pin as close to the real location as you can.
  4. Edit the address and correct it to the right address if you can.
  5. Just to be extra cautious, add a note to the case with the correct address and mention that Google does not know the location. Click "+ Add note."
  6. If none of that works, click the "Select on Map" button. A blue pin should appear. Repeat steps 3-5 above.
  7. If you happen to be on site, you can also click "Use my location" on your cell phone.
  8. If you are still having problems with the address or know that something is wrong, click the "Address Problems" checkbox in Section 1, Property Information. Move the pin to your best guess about the right location.
  9. Save the case.

Incorrect Location on an Existing Case

If you accidentally save a pin and you know it is in the wrong location (or if you come across a pin in the wrong location):

  1. Click on the case. It should load on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click the "Flag" icon. From the dropdown menu, click "Wrong Location."
  3. Research the correct location. Google or real estate sites like Zillow,, or Motovo are a good place to look.
  4. Open a new tab and go to Google Maps. Go to the location, and zoom ALL THE WAY IN.
  5. Copy the URL. It will look something like,,+Houma,+LA+70363/@29.569213,-90.690725,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x862104905aa1343b:0xd79ac8c76baa1a80!8m2!3d29.5692084!4d-90.6885363
  6. Go back to Crisis Cleanup, and paste this link where it says "Google Map URL." Then click the yellow "Update Location." Refresh, and you will see that the pin has moved to the new location.
  7. If you cannot find the location, click the black "Location Unknown" button.

What is What3Words?

What3Words is about the coolest thing ever. What3Words for latitude and longitude is like DNS for IP addresses. If you are not technically inclined, this company named literally every square of the planet, down to the size of a small room. First, they sliced the entire globe into 3x3 meter squares—57 trillion squares total. Then they took a library of roughly 40,000 words and created random combinations of three words. 40k × 40k × 40k = 64 trillion, or more than enough to uniquely name every square on the planet with just three words.

For example, the front door of 10 Downing Street in London is identified by ///slurs.this.shark. The White House Oval Office is ///score.latter.loving, and the front gate to Fort Knox is ///drums.cover.adults.

This system is useful in remote areas of the world that may not have formal addresses. And yes, they have an app.

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