Crisis Cleanup Work Order Statuses and their Definitions

Each work order has a status. For clarity, the statuses have the following definitions:

Status The work order:
Open, unassigned Has not been assigned to an organization's internal team.
Open, assigned Has been assigned to an internal team, and completion is imminent.
Open, partially completed Is partially complete, but needs additional work.
Open, needs follow-up Needs additional information or work in order to continue.
Closed, completed Is completed, and no further action for the current phase is necessary.
Closed, incomplete Is not complete, but the organization will not complete the remaining work (e.g. because some of the work was out of scope).
Closed, out of scope Is not complete, but the requested work is not in scope for any responding relief organization.
Closed, done by others Is completed, but the work was done by others. No further action necessary.
Closed, no help wanted Was declined by owner. No help was wanted. No further action necessary.
Closed, rejected Was rejected by the responding organization. Please note the reason for rejection.
Closed, duplicate Was a duplicate. No further action necessary.
Rejected, out of scope Same as Closed, out of scope
Rejected, low priority Same as Closed, rejected
Rejected, duplicate Same as Closed, duplicate
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